To whom it may concern,

I write this letter in support of Stella Lopez. I have been acquainted with Ms. Lopez professionally for over three years. In this time, I have witnessed strengths and abilities which will undoubtedly benefit any project or organization she chooses to be part of. Three such attributes stand out, her interpersonal skills, vision, and commitment.

Stella is first and foremost a people person. She can not only quickly connect with people she meets but she is able to do so in a genuine way. With this foundation Stella is able to manage large and diverse groups of individuals. She is able to develop and implement successful training programs. She single-handedly developed and brought on line an in-house call center. This included a training program and subsequent quality improvement programs. One of the keys to success of any business is an effective sales team. Stella was able to build a sales team from scratch. She trained them, motivated them, and managed them. The result was an 80% revenue increase in a just handful of years.

One doesn’t just luck into growing a business at such a break-neck pace, it takes vision. Stella can see a diamond in the ruff and accurately envision the possibilities. It seems to be an instinctive ability. Whatever it is, it works. Being a seer of the possible futures and being able to plot a course to the desired outcome is a rare and prized skillset. It usually comes with grey hair and many failures to learn from. Fortunately for those who choose to work with her, she has not been associated with any failures. Going in to fix someone else’s failure can provide the same lessons of what not to do, and costs much less. Ultimately without vision one cannot transform a practice from 300,000.00 monthly collection high to a 1,500,000.00 monthly collection high in five or so years. Stella Lopez has vision.

Vision without the commitment to see it through is a sad reality for many would-be business men. Afterall it’s not easy to put a great idea into motion and grow it to a mature self-sustainable business. Complications and set backs are par for the course. The level of one’s commitment is measured by how one handles adversity. I can say that I have witnessed Stella deal with adverse and hostile situations with calm and poise. To Stella acceptance of a task or job is no small thing. I have no doubt about her commitment to any task she ultimately agrees to take on.

By now one would surmise Stella gets glowing reviews from me. I have only outlined the traits that resonate with me, but she has many other great qualities. The ultimate question is, “would I hire her to help my organization?”. I resoundingly answer yes. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Ben Javid, DDS

To Whom It May Concern,

It is my pleasure to write this recommendation letter for Stella Lopez.

I have known Stella for about twenty years and have watched her grow and flourish from a high school student to a multispecialty office manager.

I met Stella in 1997 during my residency when she became a dental assistant at the UCLA periodontal department.

After my graduation, she followed me and became my traveling assistant at multiple SmileCare offices. From the beginning, she always had a positive attitude and did more than her job required. Over the years, I watched her hold different positions such as specialty manager, office manager, and dental consultant.

Stella’s organizational skills made it possible to organize schedules for specialists and assistants in more than 20 multiple specialty offices.

Stella’s leadership abilities made it possible for Cunning Dental Group to grow tremendously.

I am confident that Stella’s attitude, skills, and experience make her a valuable asset to any organization. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any additional questions you may have.

Fariba Matinfar, DDS, MS

To Whom It May Concern,

I have had the distinct please of working with Stella Lopez for the past year. Stella provided invaluable information and guidance in everything from our Marketing plan to the day to day functions of our clinic. Her experience and knowledge is exceptional, and her performance of promised tasks were completed thoroughly, promptly and done with the utmost integrity. Stella’s professional aptitude and experience were a great asset to our office. I whole heartedly recommend Stella Lopez.

Should you have any questions that I may answer, please do not hesitate to contact me at 509-467-5268.

Renee Bancroft
Administrative Manager
Northwest Implants and Sleep Dentistry